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Our Clients


Jody S.


(Vaudreuil-Dorion, Canada)

I have had the pleasure of receiving French tutoring from Ms. Léa Kadlec and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to learn or improve in a language.  Her undeniable passion for both teaching and languages in general is evident, and puts even those like myself - a little daunted and weary at integrating a second language - at ease. She has demonstrated to me on numerous occasions that her work is much more than just a job to her, and that she is truly willing to go the extra mile for her students.  Her tireless flexibility in terms of working around my schedule, willingness to adapt lessons to my pace and needs, and ability to respond to challenges always with a smile on her face serves as evidence to me that my learning and progress are her real priorities. Léa is also a true professional, always presenting for lessons completely prepared (even after last-minute schedule changes, no less!), with her unwavering bubbly personality, ready to persuade you to love and appreciate language as much as she does. I would recommend Léa with the fullest confidence- she is truly an educator that will go above and beyond for you and your learning.


Marian D.



I love my Spanish lessons. I never thought that learning could be so enjoyable! My teacher´s incredibly purposeful teaching methods, her professional skills and individual approach are the best combination for effective learning of foreign languages. What I love is that the lessons are always full of positive vibes and allow me to improve my skills. I recommend it to everyone.


Marion K.

  Roskild University


I was personally very satisfied with  the Math tutorials. I find it great how the teacher can write on the tablet and the student can see it as if it was on the board. It is also very practical that the teacher can then save        the notes as a PDF and send them to the student who can refer to them whenever he needs. Online classes save a lot of time since I don’t have to go anywhere and it really feels like having a teacher sitting next to you.


Victor S.

Mechanical Engineer


Lucy's lessons were creative and focused around what I needed most help with. Thank you very much for your professional approach - your course was really helpful and taught me to use English in context. Online tutoring  worked out for me and I can recommend it to anyone whether it is a beginner or someone who just needs to brush up on his knowledge.


Jana A.

  Legal Specialist


When I was looking for an English teacher who could help me improve my English, my friend recommended Léa to me. She told me that she is the best teacher ever and she promised    I would be really satisfied. I have to say that it's true. I'm looking forward to every lesson with Léa. She really knows what I need and she adapts our lessons to it. Léa always feels when I am confused :) and explains me everything in the most understandable way possible. Thanks a thousand times for your enthusiasm, positive energy and patience.     Every day, I feel more and more comfortable speaking and writing in English.


Mirka K.

Student Ambassador at KPMG (Germany)

I chose EWB online academy when preparing for TOEFL. During six weeks of our cooperation I studied with       a qualified lecturer who taught me all the necessary details I needed. The lecturer showed her support even after the test when I was writing a CV for my future job. EWB is a professional academy where distance is undoubtedly not a barrier.


Timea P.

Comenius University (Slovakia)

The time of Maths spent with EWB teacher gave me many new views. Thank to the lecturer‘s kindness, patience, goodness, openness, support and belief in me I started to like Maths! Even though it wasn´t easy, Maths become the subject I was looking forward to.


Jana S.

 Electrical Engineer


While working abroad I was in need of improving my English skills so       

I decided to take up online lessons.   

I was pleased to find out that studying via skype with the lecturer can be productive and fun at the same time.

I really appreciated all the benefits    of e-learning: direct screen sharing with my tutor, sending study materials and notes from lessons directly to my e-mail, flexibility of study time and lecturer’s adaptation to my requirements. After a few months studying with EWB online academy    I can say that I have improved English distinctly.

Ricardo B.

Senior Director 


Learning a new language, when starting a second half of a century in one's life requires genuine interest and commitment; as well as a customize and dynamic learning environment from your professor. Not only I have gotten this from my teacher, but also  a fresh and fun approach towards     a highly disciplined and structured lessons. All this elements are providing the right feedback to track my progress and the proper incentive to keep enjoying this learning. Merci beaucoup!

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