Education Without Borders

‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge’.

Albert Einstein

Lively, resourceful and ingenious trainings for educators, teachers, teachers-to-be and educational institutions.

Methodology & Trainings

Trainings, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars

Playful, appealing and effective lessons and tutoring for children, students and adults. Sparkling online one-to-one or group sessions fitted for professionals.

Learning Languages

General and Specific Objective English/French/Spanish

Interactive and engaging online lessons and tutoring for children, students and adults in Mathematics.

Learning Mathematics

Elementary/High School/University Mathematics

Who we are


Linda Nyvltova


"I always thought learning French would be painful. But with Léa's creative approach, fresh and smart conversation topics and motivating positive energy, I'm looking forward to every new class. Within a few months I am able to have long dinner discussions with Parisians :))"

Kate Sagan


Lea is a phenomenal lecturer and a remarkable woman in one. Our french lessons via skype video perfectly fits my style of learning. Her individualized approach, professional attitude and creativity make our sessions efficient and fun. Merci beaucoup!

Jamie Kraft


Teaching with Lea and Lucy was both joyful, and inspiring. I have never seen such dedication and attention to detail, making their subjects understandable to the student as well as motivating the students to strive for more knowledge. They make learning both interesting and enjoyable. Would love to teach with them again someday!!


What we do

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