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Education Without Borders

‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge’.

Albert Einstein

Public Speaker

Methodology & Trainings

Trainings, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars

Lively, resourceful and ingenious trainings for educators, teachers, teachers-to-be and educational institutions.

New Hires

Learning Languages

General and Specific Objective English/French/Spanish

Playful, appealing and effective lessons and tutoring for children, students and adults. Sparkling online one-to-one or group sessions fitted for professionals.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Learning Mathematics

Elementary/High School/University Mathematics

Interactive and engaging online lessons and tutoring for children, students and adults in Mathematics.

Who we are

Back in Europe after several years of teaching in North America and Australia our paths have crossed and we understood that not only were we sharing the same passion for teaching but, first and foremost, we cherished the same values for teaching and education. That was the very beginning of our common journey filled with genuine thirst for creation, originality and ingeniosity.

Enthusiastic about bringing new life to teaching and learning practices and wishing to respond to the international trends and needs in education we thought up innovative solutions to provide our students with state-of-the-art guidance and education and launched Education Without Borders online academy.

Following our encounter with TV5MONDE, the international Francophone TV channel we felt immediately in tunes with their approach to education and motivating teaching methods and strived to obtain the TV5MONDE certified external trainer’s license. Soon after we designed a series of our Trainings and Courses for Teachers and Learners highlighting the emphatic approach and teaching methodology that awaken creativity, imagination and curiosity in learners while offering a lively and spirited teaching environment for educators.

With a true passion for learning, teaching, training and continuing education we propose the students and the teachers all over the world to take them on an energizing journey unveiling, one step at a time, our original teaching and learning techniques. Bon voyage!



Linda Nyvltova


"I always thought learning French would be painful. But with Léa's creative approach, fresh and smart conversation topics and motivating positive energy, I'm looking forward to every new class. Within a few months I am able to have long dinner discussions with Parisians :))"


Kate Sagan


Lea is a phenomenal lecturer and a remarkable woman in one. Our french lessons via skype video perfectly fits my style of learning. Her individualized approach, professional attitude and creativity make our sessions efficient and fun. Merci beaucoup!

Jamie photo.png

Jamie Kraft


Teaching with Lea and Lucy was both joyful, and inspiring. I have never seen such dedication and attention to detail, making their subjects understandable to the student as well as motivating the students to strive for more knowledge. They make learning both interesting and enjoyable. Would love to teach with them again someday!!


EWB profile photo.png

Léa Kadlec

Head of Language Department

As a wholehearted teacher who, for over 15 years, has shared her passion and gusto for languages with students of all ages and backgrounds, I cherish every moment I spend with them in my classroom and online. It is thanks to their infinite energy, endless curiousness, mischievous jokes and permanent worries that I have become the teacher I am today. I believe that teaching is a unique profession-mission where I am given the chance to bring out the best that lies within my students. I am truly grateful that my destiny has taken me on this challenging, yet inspiring and stimulating journey peppered daily with new enriching and charming endeavors.


Lucy Marusiak

Head of Department of Mathematics

While teaching Mathematics and English in New York, Sydney and a few European cities I had the opportunity to work with students of different ages, levels, backgrounds and cultures. This rich international experience helped me to develop a broad array of teaching skills and a strong ability to adapt my teaching strategies to different learning styles of my students. 
I have always shared my enthusiasm for the subjects I teach by encouraging students to think critically while providing clear explanations, insightful examples and engaging students to actively participate during the lesson to fully enjoy their learning experience. So the moment when a student successfully grasps a new concept is truly satisfying for me. I try not to teach my students only Mathematics and English, but also make it a unique experience and give them a glimpse of the majesty of these subjects.

What we do

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